mesin nglereni tabung laser

Often components can be redesigned to be cut from one piece, rather than several pieces. Instead of cutting a frame from four separate parts mitred at each corner, it can be cut from a single tube that is notched and then bent to form a frame.

This can reduce parts required in a B.o.M and produce a more accurate and stronger assembly By utilising this, repeatability and accuracy of products can be improved.

mesin nglereni tabung laser
mesin nglereni tabung laser
mesin nglereni tabung laser

Metal Pipe and Sheet Fiber Laser Cutting Machine advantages:

1. cut lines and holes with different diameters from different directions on the pipe

2. cut inclined section at the end of pipe

3. cut branch pipe intersected with the main circular pipe

4. cut square hole,waist-shaped hole and circular hole on the pipe

5. truncate the pipe

6. cut all kinds of graphics on the surface of the square pipe

7. cutdifferent sizes meal Sheets

8. cut holes on the molding box


European standard design, every detail is striving for perfection, operation table, suspension lamp design, stainless steel edging, we will create industrial products with the requirements of luxury products.

mesin nglereni tabung laser
mesin nglereni tabung laser
mesin nglereni tabung laser
mesin nglereni tabung laser
mesin nglereni tabung laser
mesin nglereni tabung laser
mesin nglereni tabung laser

laser cutting head

The internal structure of the laser head is completely sealed to avoid contamination of the optical part. The laser head adopts two-point centering adjustment and the cam structure is used for focusing. The adjustment is accurate and convenient, modular design, high precision and easy maintenance.

Digital full stroke chuck

Full stroke chuck without manual adjustment.  Intelligent pressure feedback system, automatic pressure adjustment according to different pipe diameters and thicknesses.  Intelligent identification and clamping of various pipes, real-time monitoring and alarm, safe and efficient.

mesin nglereni tabung laser
mesin nglereni tabung laser
mesin nglereni tabung laser
mesin nglereni tabung laser

1.Mechanical structural integrated machine bed,achieving stable performance. Rack and guide  rails adopt fully-covered protection to avoid  from dust contamination, thus to enhance the  life span of transmission parts and ensure  running accuracy of machine bed;

mesin nglereni tabung laser

2.This model adopts AC servo motors driving  system, transmission parts adopt racks,  pinions and linear guide rails, ensuring  high-speed, high precision and high reliability of the equipment;


mesin nglereni tabung laser3. Fully automatic pneumatic chuck can achieve quick self-centering and objects clamping, and gas pressure can be adjusted at the same time, To make sure clamping strength is stable and reliable;

mesin nglereni tabung laser4. Adopts second-feeding method especially  for small pipes processing, solving the  precision problem of cutting 6-meter long  small pipes from traditional machinery.

mesin nglereni tabung laser
mesin nglereni tabung laser
mesin nglereni tabung laser
Tube-Cutting Technical Specifications
Max Diameter(mm)Ø210
Max Square Tube Dimension(mm)140×140
Max Rectangular Tube Dimension(mm)170×120
Max.Tube Length(mm)6500
Min.Tube Length (for automatic loading)3000
Max. Tube weight (kg/m)37.5
Max.Material Thickness(mm)(for1kwTo4kw)0.5-12
Min.Material Thickness(mm)0.8
Automatic LoadingOpsional
Automatic UnloadingOpsional
Cutting Head2D
Amount of Chuck1
Centering ChuckYES
Last Cut Tube Length(mm)185
Velocity of Driver Chuck(m/dk.)90
Acceleration of Driver Chuck(m/s²)10
Positioning Accuracy(mm)±0,05
Tube TypesPipe,Square,Rectangular, Eliptic H,C,U,L

Tabung lan profil digunakake ing pirang-pirang aplikasi, saka teknik mekanik lan konstruksi sistem menyang industri perabotan. Laser mbukak kemungkinan desain anyar, mula luwih akeh desainer njupuk keuntungan saka tabung lan profil laser sing dipotong supaya bisa nambah permintaan. ACCURL nawakake seri mesin nglereni tabung laser sing menehi fleksibilitas 3D tabung kanggo ngethok macem-macem wujud kalebu bunder, alun, I-beam lan aplikasi struktural liyane. Iki dirancang kanggo nambah produktivitas, nyederhanakake lan nguatake pemasangan komponen lan nambah toleransi komponen liwat pemotong laser sing luwih tepat. Temokake solusi lengkap kanggo nglereni tabung laser lan sinau apa mesin nglereni tabung laser ACCURL!

ACCURL ngenalake generasi paling anyar babagan teknologi tabung lan profil profil - Sistem Motong Tube Serat Laser. Kanthi pengalaman luwih saka 30 taun ing pengalaman desain lan produksi manufaktur ing teknologi nglereni tabung, ACCURL khusus kanggo solusi kanggo industri Tube lan Pipa, lan Line Cutting Laser Tube minangka solusi paling utama kanggo nggabungake macem-macem proses mesin ing siji sistem supaya fleksibilitas maksimal. , otomatisasi lan kinerja.

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